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Noun: foundation  fawn'dey-shun
  1. The basis on which something is grounded
    "there is little foundation for his objections"
  2. An institution supported by an endowment
  3. Lowest support of a structure
    "it was built on a foundation of solid rock";
    - base, fundament, foot, groundwork, substructure, understructure
  4. Education or instruction in the fundamentals of a field of knowledge
    "he lacks the foundation necessary for advanced study";
    - grounding
  5. The fundamental assumptions from which something is begun, developed, calculated or explained
    "the whole argument rested on a foundation of conjecture";
    - basis, base, fundament, groundwork, cornerstone
  6. A woman's undergarment worn to give shape to the contours of the body
    - foundation garment, shapewear
  7. The act of starting something for the first time; introducing something new
    "the foundation of a new scientific society";
    - initiation, founding, institution, origination, creation, innovation, introduction, instauration, debut, first appearance, launching, unveiling, entry

Derived forms: foundations

Type of: assumption, beginning, commencement, education, financial institution, financial organisation [Brit], financial organization, relation, start, support, supposal, supposition, undergarment, unmentionable

Part of: construction, explanation, structure

Encyclopedia: Foundation