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Adjective: freelance  'free,lãn(t)s
  1. Working for yourself
    "Banks sometimes looked unfavourably at people who were considered to be freelance";
    - free-lance, self-employed
  2. Serving for wages in a foreign army
    "freelance killers";
    - mercenary, free-lance
Verb: freelance  'free,lãn(t)s
  1. Work independently and on temporary contracts rather than for a long-term employer
Noun: freelance  'free,lãn(t)s
  1. A writer or artist who sells services to different employers without a long-term contract with any of them
    - freelancer, free-lance, free lance, independent, self-employed person

Derived forms: free lances, free-lances, freelances, freelanced, freelancing

See also: paid

Type of: do work, work, worker

Antonym: salaried

Encyclopedia: Freelance