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Adjective: fuming  fyoo-ming
  1. Feeling or showing extreme anger
    "wilful stupidity makes him absolutely fuming";
    - irate, ireful, hopping mad [informal], steaming [informal], furious, seething, apoplectic [informal], livid
Verb: fume  fyoom
  1. Be mad, angry, or furious
  2. Emit a cloud of fine particles
    "The chimney was fuming";
    - smoke
  3. Treat with fumes, expose to fumes, especially with the aim of disinfecting or eradicating pests
    - fumigate, smoke
  4. Be wet with sweat or blood, as of one's face
    - reek

See also: angry, cross

Type of: emit, experience, exudate, exude, feel, give off, give out, ooze, ooze out, process, transude, treat

Encyclopedia: Fuming