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Noun: furnishing  fur-nish-ing
  1. (usually plural) accessory wearing apparel
    - trappings
  2. (usually plural) the instrumentalities (furniture and appliances and other movable accessories including curtains and rugs) that make a home (or other area) livable
  3. The act of providing a house or room with furniture and other removable items such as shelves, carpets, appliances, etc.
Verb: furnish  fur-nish
  1. Give something useful or necessary to
    "We furnished the room with an electrical heater";
    - supply, provide, render, offer
  2. Provide or equip with furniture
    "We furnished the house in the Biedermeyer style"

Derived forms: furnishings

Type of: accessory, accouterment [US], accoutrement, give, instrumentality, instrumentation, interior decorating, interior decoration, means

Encyclopedia: Furnishing

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