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Noun: gang  gang
  1. An association of criminals
    "police tried to break up the gang";
    - pack, ring, mob
  2. An informal body of friends
    "he still hangs out with the same gang";
    - crowd, crew, bunch
  3. An organized group of workmen
    - crew, work party
  4. Tool consisting of a combination of implements arranged to work together
Verb: gang  gang
  1. Act as an organized group
    - gang up

Sounds like: gambling, gamboling, gambollgang, ga

Derived forms: ganging, gangs

Type of: aggroup, assemblage, association, gathering, group, social unit, tool, unit

Part of: gangdom, gangland, hands, manpower, men, organised crime [Brit], organized crime, work force, workforce

Encyclopedia: Gang, Wang