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Noun: gap  gap
  1. A conspicuous disparity or difference as between two figures
    "gap between income and outgo";
    - spread
  2. An open or empty space in or between things
    "the explosion made a gap in the wall";
    - opening
  3. A narrow space between things; a narrow opening
    - crack
  4. A pass between mountain peaks
    - col
  5. A difference (especially an unfortunate difference) between two opinions or two views or two situations
  6. An act of delaying or interrupting the continuity
    "there was a gap in his account";
    - break, interruption, disruption
Verb: gap (gapped,gapping)  gap
  1. Make an opening or gap in
    - breach

Derived forms: gapped, gaps, gapping

Type of: conflict, delay, difference, difference of opinion, disparity, dispute, holdup, mountain pass, notch, open, open up, opening, pass, space

Part of: Earth's surface, surface

Encyclopedia: Gap, New South Wales