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Adjective: gaseous  ga-see-us or ga-shus [N. Amer], ga-see-us or gey-see-us [Brit]
  1. Existing as or having characteristics of a gas
    "steam is water in the gaseous state"

See also: aeriform, aerosolised [Brit], aerosolized, airlike, evaporated, gasified, gassy, state, state of matter, vaporific, vaporised [Brit], vaporish [US], vaporized, vaporous, vapory [US], vapourific [Brit, Cdn], vapourised [Brit], vapourish [Brit, Cdn], vapourous [Brit, non-standard], vapoury [Brit, Cdn], volatilised [Brit], volatilized

Antonym: liquid, solid

Encyclopedia: Gaseous