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Verb: get through  get throo
  1. Finish a task completely
    "I finally got through this homework assignment";
    - wrap up [informal], finish off, mop up, polish off [informal], clear up, finish up
  2. Spend or pass, as with boredom or in a pleasant manner; of time
    - while away, while
  3. Succeed in reaching a real or abstract destination after overcoming problems
    "We finally got through the bureaucracy and could talk to the Minister";
    - come through
  4. Be in or establish communication with
    - reach, get hold of, contact
  5. Become clear or enter one's consciousness or emotions
    - click, dawn, come home, get across, sink in, penetrate, fall into place

Derived forms: got through, gets through, getting through

Type of: arrive at, attain, communicate, complete, finish, gain, hit, intercommunicate, make, pass, reach, spend