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Noun: ginger  jin-ju(r)
  1. Pungent rhizome of the common ginger plant; used fresh as a seasoning especially in Asian cookery
    - gingerroot
  2. Perennial plant having leafy reedlike stems and branching aromatic rhizomes used as a hot spice
  3. Dried ground gingerroot
    - powdered ginger
  4. Liveliness and energy
    "this tonic is guaranteed to give you more ginger";
    - pep [informal], peppiness
  5. [informal] Someone who has red hair
    - redhead, redheader, red-header, carrottop [informal], blue [Austral, NZ, informal]
Adjective: ginger  jin-ju(r)
  1. (used especially of hair or fur) having a bright orange-brown colour
    "a ginger kitten";
    - gingery, ginger-haired
Verb: ginger  jin-ju(r)
  1. (cooking) add ginger to in order to add flavour
    "ginger the soup"

Derived forms: gingers, gingered, gingering

See also: colored [US], colorful [US], coloured [Brit, Cdn], colourful [Brit, Cdn]

Type of: flavor [US], flavorer [US], flavoring [US], flavour [Brit, Cdn], flavourer [Brit, Cdn], flavouring [Brit, Cdn], herb, herbaceous plant, individual, life, liveliness, mortal, person, seasoner, seasoning, somebody, someone, soul, spice, spice up, spirit, sprightliness, zest

Part of: Canton ginger, common ginger, genus Zingiber, ginger ale, ginger pop, stem ginger, Zingiber, Zingiber officinale

Encyclopedia: Ginger, Ray