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Verb: give and take
  1. Make mutual concessions
    "In life you have to give and take"
Noun: give-and-take  'gi-vun 'teyk
  1. An exchange of views on some topic
    "we had a good give-and-take";
    - discussion, word
  2. Light teasing repartee
    - banter, raillery, backchat [Brit, informal], josh [N. Amer, informal], bants [Brit, informal], borak [Austral, informal], borax [Austral, informal]
  3. Mutual interaction; the activity of reciprocating or exchanging (especially information)
    - interchange, reciprocation

Derived forms: give-and-takes

Type of: compromise, interaction, language, oral communication, repartee, speech, speech communication, spoken communication, spoken language, voice communication

Encyclopedia: Give and take