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Adjective: glad (gladder,gladdest)  glad
  1. Showing or causing joy and pleasure; especially made happy
    "glad you are here"; "glad that they succeeded"; "gave a glad shout"; "a glad smile"; "heard the glad news"; "a glad occasion"
  2. Eagerly disposed to act or to be of service
    "glad to help";
    - happy
  3. Feeling happy appreciation
    "glad of the fire's warmth"
  4. Cheerful and bright
    "a glad May morning";
    - beaming
Noun: glad  glad
  1. Any of numerous plants of the genus Gladiolus native chiefly to tropical and South Africa having sword-shaped leaves and one-sided spikes of brightly coloured funnel-shaped flowers; widely cultivated
    - gladiolus, gladiola, sword lily

Derived forms: glads, gladder, gladdest

See also: cheerful, gladsome, grateful, thankful, willing

Type of: iridaceous plant

Antonym: sad

Part of: genus Gladiolus

Encyclopedia: Glad, Koonix!