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Noun: godown  gow'dawn
Usage: Asia
  1. (in India and Malaysia) a warehouse
Verb: go down
  1. Move downward and lower, but not necessarily all the way
    "The temperature is going down";
    - descend, fall, come down, sink
  2. (of a ship etc.) go under water
    "The raft went down and its occupants drowned";
    - sink, settle, go under
  3. Grow smaller
    "Interest in the project went down";
    - decline, wane
  4. Be recorded or remembered
    "She will go down as the first feminist"
  5. Be ingested
    "This wine sure goes down well"; "The food wouldn't go down"
  6. Be defeated
    "If America goes down, the free world will go down, too"
  7. (astronomy) go down below the surface (esp. of water) to become submerged
    "the sun goes down early these days";
    - set, go under
  8. Stop operating
    "The system goes down at least once a week";
    - crash

Derived forms: goes down, godowns, gone down, went down, going down

See also: go

Type of: break, break down, conk out [informal], decrease, die, diminish, fail, fall, give out, give way, go, go bad, lessen, locomote, lose, move, pack up [Brit, informal], storage warehouse, travel, warehouse

Encyclopedia: Godown

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