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Verb: go off
  1. Run away; usually includes taking something or somebody along
    "the accountant went off with the cash from the safe";
    - abscond, bolt, absquatulate [N. Amer], decamp, run off, make off, make away
  2. Be discharged or activated
    "the explosive devices went off"
  3. Go off or discharge
    "The gun went off";
    - fire, discharge
  4. Stop running, functioning, or operating
    "Our power went off during the hurricane"
  5. Happen in a particular manner
    - come off, go over
  6. Burst inward
    "The bottle went off";
    - implode

Derived forms: gone off, went off, going off, goes off

Type of: break, burst, cave in, collapse, come about, cut and run [informal], explode, fall in, fall out, flee, fly, founder, give, give way, go on, halt, hap [archaic], happen, occur, pass, pass off, stop, take flight, take place

Antonym: come on, explode

Encyclopedia: Go off