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Verb: grab (grabbed,grabbing)  grab
  1. Take hold of so as to seize, restrain or stop the motion of
    "Grab the elevator door!";
    - catch, take hold of
  2. Get hold of or seize quickly and easily
    "I grabbed all the good buys during the garage sale";
    - snap up, snaffle
  3. Make a grasping or snatching motion with the hand
    "The passenger grabbed for the oxygen mask"
  4. Obtain illegally or unscrupulously
    "Grab power"
  5. Take or grasp suddenly
    "She grabbed the child's hand and ran out of the room"
  6. Capture the attention or imagination of
    "This story will grab you";
    - seize
Noun: grab  grab
  1. A mechanical device for gripping an object
  2. The act of catching an object with the hands
    "he made a grab for the ball before it landed";
    - catch, snatch, snap

Derived forms: grabbed, grabbing, grabs

See also: snatch up

Type of: clutch, fascinate, intrigue, mechanical device, move, obtain, prehend [archaic], seize, take, touch, touching

Encyclopedia: Grab, Subcarpathian Voivodeship