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Verb: graduate  gra-ju-wut
  1. Receive an academic degree upon completion of one's studies
    "She graduated in 1990"
  2. Confer an academic degree upon
    "This school graduates 2,000 students each year"
  3. Make fine adjustments or divide into marked intervals for optimal measuring
    "graduate a cylinder";
    - calibrate, fine-tune
Noun: graduate  gra-ju-wut
  1. A person who has received a degree from a school (high school, college or university)
    - alumnus, alum, grad
  2. A measuring instrument for measuring fluid volume; a glass container (cup or cylinder or flask) whose sides are marked with or divided into amounts
Adjective: graduate  gra-ju-wut
  1. Of or relating to studies beyond a bachelor's degree
    "graduate courses";
    - postgraduate, postgrad [informal]

Derived forms: graduated, graduating, graduates

See also: high

Type of: adjust, bestow, bookman, confer, correct, have, measuring device, measuring instrument, measuring system, receive, scholar, scholarly person, set, student

Encyclopedia: Graduate