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Noun: hackwork  'hak,wurk
  1. Professional work done according to formula
  2. (Literary & Literary Critical Terms) undistinguished literary work produced to order.
    "James Scully has observed that much of what is called political poetry, or poetry that deals with politics, is hackwork."

Derived forms: hackworks

Type of: applesauce [N. Amer, informal], bilge [informal], bull [slang], buncombe [informal], bunk [informal], bunkum [informal], codswallop [Brit, informal], falderal, flapdoodle [N. Amer, informal], folderol, guff [informal], hogwash [informal], Irish bull [slang], jive [N. Amer, informal], junk [informal], labor [US], labour [Brit, Cdn], nonsense, rhubarb [Brit, informal], rot [informal], rubbish [informal], toil, trash [informal], tripe [informal], trumpery [archaic], wish-wash [informal]

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