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Adjective: hale (haler,halest)  heyl
  1. Exhibiting or restored to vigorous good health
    "hale and hearty";
    - whole
Verb: hale  heyl
Usage: archaic
  1. To cause to do through pressure or necessity, by physical, moral or intellectual means
    "He haled her for information";
    - coerce, squeeze, pressure, force
  2. Draw slowly or heavily
    "hale stones";
    - haul, cart, drag
Noun: Hale  heyl
  1. A soldier of the American Revolution who was hanged as a spy by the British; his last words were supposed to have been 'I only regret that I have but one life to give for my country' (1755-1776)
    - Nathan Hale
  2. Prolific United States writer (1822-1909)
    - Edward Everett Hale
  3. United States astronomer who discovered that sunspots are associated with strong magnetic fields (1868-1938)
    - George Ellery Hale

Sounds like:

Derived forms: hales, haling, halest, haler, haled

See also: healthy

Type of: American Revolutionary leader, astronomer, author, compel, draw, obligate, oblige, pull, stargazer, uranologist, writer

Encyclopedia: Hale, Missouri