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Noun: hammering  ha-mu-ring
  1. The act of pounding (delivering repeated heavy blows)
    "the sudden hammering of fists caught him off guard";
    - hammer, pound, pounding
  2. A sound defeat
    - thrashing, walloping, debacle, drubbing, slaughter, trouncing, whipping, débâcle, smackdown [N. Amer]
Verb: hammer  ha-mu(r)
  1. Beat with or as if with a hammer
    "hammer the metal flat"
  2. Create by hammering
    "hammer the silver into a bowl";
    - forge
  3. Beat thoroughly and conclusively in a competition or fight
    - cream, bat, clobber, drub, thrash, lick, trounce, tromp [N. Amer], slaughter, whale [N. Amer], muller [Brit], smoke [N. Amer], beat hollow, wipe the floor

Derived forms: hammerings

See also: hammered

Type of: beat, beat out, blow, crush, defeat, licking, shell, trounce, vanquish

Encyclopedia: Hammering

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