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Adjective: hardened  haa(r)-d(u)nd
  1. Made tough by habitual exposure
    "hardened fishermen";
    - enured, inured
  2. Made hard, flexible or resilient especially by heat treatment
    "a sword of hardened steel";
    - tempered, treated, toughened
  3. Used of persons; emotionally hardened
    "faced a case-hardened judge";
    - case-hardened, hard-boiled
  4. Converted to solid form (as concrete)
    - set
  5. Protected against attack (especially by nuclear weapons)
    "hardened missile silos"
Verb: harden  haa(r)-d(u)n
  1. Become hard or harder
    "The wax hardened";
    - indurate
  2. Make hard or harder
    "The cold hardened the butter";
    - indurate
  3. Harden by reheating and cooling in oil
    "harden steel";
    - temper
  4. Make fit
    "This trip will harden even the hardiest traveller";
    - season
  5. Cause to accept or become hardened to; habituate
    "He was hardened to the cold";
    - inure, indurate, enure

See also: curable, hard, sunbaked, tough, toughened

Type of: accustom, change, habituate, modify, toughen

Antonym: soft, soften

Encyclopedia: Hardened

Harden, Thomas