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Adjective: harrowing  ha-row-ing or her-ow-ing [N. Amer], ha-row-ing [Brit]
  1. Extremely painful
    "Stephanie reveals the near-tragic personal story that compelled her into this harrowing career";
    - agonizing, agonising [Brit], excruciating, torturing, torturous, torturesome
Verb: harrow  her-ow or ha-row [N. Amer], ha-row [Brit]
  1. (farming) draw a harrow over (land)
    - disk [US], disc
  2. To drag a harrow over; to break up with a harrow

See also: painful

Type of: plough [Brit, Cdn], plow [N. Amer], turn

Encyclopedia: Harrowing

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