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Adverb: headlong  'hed,long [N. Amer], 'hed,lóng [Brit]
  1. With the head before the body
    "the runner slid headlong into third base";
    - headfirst
  2. At breakneck speed
    "burst headlong through the gate";
    - precipitately
  3. In a hasty and foolhardy manner
    "he fell headlong in love with his cousin";
    - rashly
Adjective: headlong  'hed,long [N. Amer], 'hed,lóng [Brit]
  1. Excessively quick
    "a headlong rush to sell";
    - hasty, Gadarene, gadarene
  2. With the head foremost
    "a headlong dive into the pool";
    - headfirst

See also: forward, hurried

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