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Adjective: heightening  hI-tu-ning
  1. Reaching a higher intensity
    "their heightening fears"
Verb: heighten  hI-t(u)n
  1. Become more extreme
    "The tension heightened";
    - rise
  2. Make more extreme; raise in quantity, degree, or intensity
    "heightened interest"
  3. Add something extra to make more intense or better
    "heighten the tension";
    - enhance, raise, increase
  4. Increase the height of
    "The athletes kept jumping over the steadily heightened bars"
  5. Make (one's senses) more acute
    "This drug will heighten your vision";
    - sharpen
  6. Make more intense, stronger, or more marked
    "Pot smokers claim it heightens their awareness";
    - intensify, compound, deepen

See also: intensifying

Type of: bring up, elevate, get up, increase, lift, raise