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Adjective: helter-skelter  'hel-tu(r)'skel-tu(r)
  1. Lacking a visible order or organization
    - chaotic
  2. With undue hurry and confusion
    "a helter-skelter kind of existence with never a pause";
    - pell-mell
Adverb: helter-skelter  'hel-tu(r)'skel-tu(r)
  1. Haphazardly
    "the books were piled up helter-skelter";
    - every which way
Noun: helter-skelter  'hel-tu(r)'skel-tu(r)
Usage: Brit
  1. Tall spiral slide found in fairgrounds

Derived forms: helter-skelters

See also: disorganised [Brit], disorganized, hurried

Encyclopedia: Helter-skelter