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Verb: hinder  hin-du(r)
  1. Be a hindrance or obstacle to
    "She is hindering the progress of our project";
    - impede, fetter [literary], entrammel [literary], trammel [literary]
  2. Hinder or prevent the progress or accomplishment of
    "His brother hindered him at every turn";
    - obstruct, blockade, block, stymie, stymy [rare], embarrass
  3. Put at a disadvantage
    "The brace I have to wear is hindering my movements";
    - handicap, hamper
Adjective: hinder  hin-du(r)
  1. Located at or near the back of an animal
    "hinder legs"; "the hinder part of a carcass";
    - back, hind

Derived forms: hindering, hinders, hindered

See also: posterior

Type of: disadvantage, disfavor [US], disfavour [Brit, Cdn], forbid, foreclose, forestall, keep, preclude, prevent

Encyclopedia: Hinder, Paul