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Noun: Hodgkin  hódj-kin
  1. English physiologist who, with Andrew Huxley, discovered the role of potassium and sodium atoms in the transmission of the nerve impulse (1914-1998)
    - Alan Hodgkin, Sir Alan Hodgkin, Alan Lloyd Hodgkin
  2. English physician who first described Hodgkin's disease (1798-1866)
    - Thomas Hodgkin
  3. English chemist (born in Egypt) who used crystallography to study the structure of organic compounds (1910-1994)
    - Dorothy Hodgkin, Dorothy Mary Crowfoot Hodgkin

Derived forms: Hodgkins

Type of: chemist, doc [informal], doctor, Dr., MD, medico [informal], physician, physiologist

Encyclopedia: Hodgkin, John