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Noun: Hopkins  'hóp,kinz
  1. English biochemist who did pioneering work that led to the discovery of vitamins (1861-1947)
    - Sir Frederick Gowland Hopkins
  2. Welsh film actor (born in 1937)
    - Anthony Hopkins, Sir Anthony Hopkins, Sir Anthony Philip Hopkins
  3. English poet (1844-1889)
    - Gerard Manley Hopkins
  4. United States educator and theologian (1802-1887)
    - Mark Hopkins
  5. United States financier and philanthropist who left money to found the university and hospital that bear his name in Baltimore (1795-1873)
    - Johns Hopkins

Type of: actor, altruist, biochemist, educator, financier, histrion, moneyman, pedagog [US], pedagogue, philanthropist, player, poet, role player, theologian, theologiser [Brit], theologist, theologizer, thespian

Encyclopedia: Hopkins, Missouri