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Noun: humming  hú-ming
  1. The act of singing with closed lips
  2. A humming noise
    "the humming of distant traffic";
    - hum
Verb: hum (hummed,humming)  húm
  1. Sing with closed lips
    "She hummed a melody"
  2. Be noisy with activity
    "This office is humming with activity";
    - buzz, seethe
  3. Sound with a monotonous hum
    - thrum
  4. Make a low continuous sound
    "The refrigerator is humming"
  5. [Brit, informal] Smell badly and offensively
    - reek, stink

Derived forms: hummings

Type of: be, go, make noise, noise, resound, sing, singing, smell, sound, vocalising [Brit]

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