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Noun: immobilising  i'mow-bu,lI-zing
Usage: Brit (N. Amer: immobilizing)
  1. The act of limiting movement or making incapable of movement
    - immobilization, immobilisation [Brit], immobilizing
Verb: immobilise  i'mow-bu,lIz
Usage: Brit (N. Amer: immobilize)
  1. Hold as reserve or withdraw from circulation; of capital
    - immobilize
  2. To hold fast or prevent from moving
    "The child was immobilised under the fallen tree";
    - trap, pin, immobilize
  3. Make defenseless
    - immobilize
  4. Convert (assets) into fixed capital
    - immobilize
  5. Prohibit the conversion or use of (assets)
    "immobilise the assets of this hostile government";
    - freeze, block, immobilize
  6. Cause to be unable to move
    "The sudden storm immobilised the traffic";
    - immobilize

Type of: beat, beat out, convert, crush, curb, curtail, cut back, keep back, restraint, restrict, shell, trounce, vanquish, withhold

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