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Adjective: imperative  im'pe-ru-tiv
  1. Requiring attention or action
    "as nuclear weapons proliferate, preventing war becomes imperative"; "requests that grew more and more imperative"
  2. (grammar) relating to verbs in the imperative mood
Noun: imperative  im'pe-ru-tiv
  1. A mood that expresses an intention to influence the listener's behaviour
    - imperative mood, jussive mood, imperative form
  2. Some duty that is essential and urgent

Derived forms: imperatives

See also: adjuratory, assertive, clamant, crying, desperate, exigent, insistent, instant, peremptory, pressing, self-asserting, self-assertive, shrill, strident, urgent

Type of: duty, modality, mode, mood, obligation, responsibility

Antonym: beseeching

Encyclopedia: Imperative