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Adjective: imperial  im'peer-ee-ul
  1. Belonging to or befitting a supreme ruler
    "golden age of imperial splendour";
    - majestic, purple, regal, royal
  2. Relating to or associated with an empire
    "imperial colony"; "the imperial gallon was standardized legally throughout the British Empire"
  3. Of or belonging to the British Imperial System of weights and measures
  4. Befitting or belonging to an emperor or empress
    "imperial palace"
Noun: imperial  im'peer-ee-ul
  1. A small tufted beard worn by Emperor Napoleon III
    - imperial beard
  2. A piece of luggage carried on top of a coach
  3. (historical) a printing-paper size measuring 30 x 22 inches

Derived forms: imperials

See also: noble

Type of: baggage, beard, face fungus, luggage, whiskers

Encyclopedia: Imperial, TX