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Adjective: imposing  im'pow-zing
  1. Impressive in size, manner, or appearance
    "an imposing residence";
    - baronial, noble, stately
  2. Used of a person's appearance or behaviour; befitting an eminent person
    "the monarch's imposing presence";
    - distinguished, grand, magisterial
Verb: impose  im'powz
  1. Compel to behave in a certain way
    "Social relations impose courtesy";
    - enforce, constrain
  2. Make (someone) do something unpleasant
    "The principal imposed his rage on the students";
    - inflict, bring down, visit, obtrude
  3. Charge a fee or tax
    "impose a fine";
    - levy

See also: dignified, impressive

Type of: bill, charge, communicate, compel, intercommunicate, obligate, oblige

Encyclopedia: Imposing