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Verb: impregnate  im'preg,neyt or 'im,preg,neyt
  1. Fill, as with a certain quality
    "The heavy traffic impregnates the air with carbon monoxide";
    - infuse, instill, tincture
  2. Infuse or fill completely
    "Impregnate the cloth with alcohol";
    - saturate
  3. Fertilize and cause to grow
    "the egg was impregnated"
  4. Make pregnant
    "He impregnated his wife again";
    - knock up [informal], bang up [informal]

Derived forms: impregnating, impregnates, impregnated

Type of: fecundate, fertilise [Brit], fertilize, fill, fill up, inseminate

Encyclopedia: Impregnate