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Noun: impromptu  im'prómp-t(y)oo
  1. An extemporaneous speech or remark
    "a witty impromptu must not sound premeditated"
  2. A short musical passage that seems to have been made spontaneously without advance preparation
Adjective: impromptu  im'prómp-t(y)oo
  1. With little or no preparation or forethought
    "an impromptu speech";
    - ad-lib, extemporaneous, extemporary, extempore, offhand, offhanded, off-the-cuff, unrehearsed
Adverb: impromptu  im'prómp-t(y)oo
  1. Without advance preparation
    "he spoke impromptu";
    - ad lib, ad libitum, spontaneously

Derived forms: impromptus

See also: unprepared

Type of: address, musical passage, passage, speech

Encyclopedia: Impromptu