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Noun: inconvenience  ,in-kun'veen-yun(t)s [N. Amer], ,in-kun'vee-nee-un(t)s [Brit]
  1. An inconvenient discomfort
    - incommodiousness
  2. A difficulty that causes anxiety
    - troublesomeness, worriment [US, informal]
  3. The quality of not being useful or convenient
Verb: inconvenience  ,in-kun'veen-yun(t)s [N. Amer], ,in-kun'vee-nee-un(t)s [Brit]
  1. To cause inconvenience or discomfort to
    "Sorry to inconvenience you, but...";
    - trouble, put out, disoblige, discommode, incommode, bother

Derived forms: inconvenienced, inconveniencing, inconveniences

Type of: affect, bear on, bear upon, difficultness, difficulty, discomfort, fix [informal], hole [informal], impact, ineptness, jam [informal], kettle of fish [informal], mess [informal], muddle [informal], pickle [informal], touch, touch on, uncomfortableness, unsuitability, unsuitableness

Antonym: convenience

Encyclopedia: Inconvenience