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Adjective: increased  in'kreest or 'in,kreest
  1. Made greater in size, amount or degree
Verb: increase  'in,krees
  1. Become bigger or greater in amount
    "The amount of work increased"
  2. Make bigger or more
    "The boss finally increased her salary"; "The university increased the number of students it admitted"
  3. Add something extra to make more intense or better
    "This will increase your enjoyment";
    - enhance, heighten, raise

See also: accrued, accumulated, augmented, elevated, enhanced, enlarged, exaggerated, hyperbolic, inflated, magnified, multiplied, raised, redoubled

Type of: alter, change, change magnitude, compound, deepen, heighten, intensify, modify

Antonym: decrease, diminish, reduced

Encyclopedia: Increase, Mississippi