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Adjective: inward  in-wurd [N. Amer], in-wûd [Brit]
  1. Directed or moving inward or toward a centre
    "inward flood of capital";
    - inbound
  2. Relating to or existing in the mind or thoughts
    "a concern with inward reflections"
Adverb: inward  in-wurd [N. Amer], in-wûd [Brit]
  1. Toward the centre or interior
    "move the needle further inward!";
    - inwards
  2. To or toward the inside of
    "come inward";
    - in, inwards

See also: incoming, indwelling, inmost, inner, innermost, interior, internal, internality, inwardness, private, secret, self-whispered

Antonym: outward

Encyclopedia: Inward