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Noun: ISIS  I-sis
  1. An extremist jihadist militant group, led by and mainly composed of Sunni Arabs from Iraq and Syria, that has proclaimed itself to be an Islamic state and worldwide caliphate
    - Daesh, Da'ish, Islamic State, IS, Isil, Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant
Noun: Isis  I-sis
  1. Egyptian goddess of fertility; daughter of Geb; sister and wife of Osiris
Noun: ISI
  1. The Pakistan intelligence agency; a powerful and almost autonomous political and military force; has procured nuclear technology and delivery capabilities; has had strong ties with the Taliban and other militant Islamic groups
    - Directorate for Inter-Services Intelligence, Inter-Services Intelligence

Type of: Egyptian deity, foreign terrorist organisation [Brit], foreign terrorist organization, FTO, international intelligence agency, terrorist group, terrorist organisation [Brit], terrorist organization

Encyclopedia: ISIS

Isis, Queensland