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Noun: jigsaw  'jig,so
  1. A portable power saw with a reciprocating blade; can be used with a variety of blades depending on the application and kind of cut; generally have a plate that rides on the surface that is being cut
    - saber saw [N. Amer], reciprocating saw, sabre saw [Brit, Cdn]
  2. Fine-toothed power saw with a narrow blade; used to cut curved outlines
    - scroll saw, fretsaw
  3. A puzzle that requires you to reassemble a picture that has been mounted on a stiff base and cut into interlocking pieces
    - jigsaw puzzle
Verb: jigsaw  'jig,so
  1. Cut with a jigsaw

Derived forms: jigsawing, jigsawed, jigsaws

Type of: power saw, puzzle, saw, sawing machine

Encyclopedia: Jigsaw