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Adjective: knockabout  'nó-ku,bawt
  1. Full of rough and exuberant animal spirits
    "knockabout comedy";
    - boisterous
  2. Suitable for rough use
    "a knockabout overcoat"; "a knockabout old car"
Noun: knockabout  'nó-ku,bawt
  1. A sloop with a simplified rig and no bowsprit
Verb: knock about  nók u'bawt
  1. Strike against forcefully
    "Winds knocked about the tent";
    - buffet, batter
  2. Be around; be alive or active
    "Does the old man still knock about?";
    - kick around, kick about

Derived forms: knocking about, knockabouts, knocks about, knocked about

See also: knock, rugged, spirited

Type of: be, exist, sloop, strike

Encyclopedia: Knockabout

Knock about