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Adjective: leafy (leafier,leafiest)  lee-fee
  1. Having or covered with leaves
    "leafy trees"; "leafy vegetables"

Derived forms: leafier, leafiest

See also: bifoliate, bowery, curly-leafed, curly-leaved, fan-leafed, fan-leaved, fine-leafed, fine-leaved, foliaceous, foliaged, foliate, foliolate, foliose, grassy-leafed, grassy-leaved, ivied, ivy-covered, large-leafed, large-leaved, leafed, leaflike, leaf-like, leather-leafed, leather-leaved, leaved, petallike, petal-like, pinnate-leafed, pinnate-leaved, prickly-leafed, prickly-leaved, silky-leafed, silky-leaved, silver-leafed, silver-leaved, silvery-leafed, silvery-leaved, spiny-leafed, spiny-leaved, two-leafed, two-leaved, unifoliate

Antonym: leafless

Encyclopedia: Leafy