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Noun: ligature  'li-gu,chûr or li-gu-chu(r)
  1. (music) a group of notes connected by a slur
  2. Character consisting of two or more letters combined into one
  3. A metal band used to attach a reed to the mouthpiece of a clarinet or saxophone
  4. Thread used by surgeons to bind a vessel (as to constrict the flow of blood)
  5. Something used to tie or bind
    - binder
  6. The act of tying or binding things together
Verb: ligature  'li-gu,chûr or li-gu-chu(r)
  1. (surgery) bind with a bandage or ligature
    - ligate

Derived forms: ligatures, ligatured, ligaturing

Type of: attachment, band, bandage, character, fastening, graph, grapheme, graphic symbol, ligament, musical phrase, phrase, thread, yarn

Encyclopedia: Ligature