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Adjective: likely (likelier,likeliest)  lIk-lee
  1. Has a good chance of being the case or of coming about
    "these services are likely to be available to us all before long"; "she is likely to forget"; "a likely place for a restaurant"; "the broken limb is likely to fall"; "rain is likely"; "a likely topic for investigation"; "likely candidates for the job"
  2. Expected to become or be; in prospect
    "likely clients";
    - potential
  3. Within the realm of credibility
    "not a very likely excuse"
Adverb: likely  lIk-lee
  1. With considerable certainty; without much doubt
    - probably, in all likelihood, in all probability, belike [archaic], probs [informal], prolly [slang]

Derived forms: likelier, likeliest

See also: apt, believable, credible, liable, likelihood, likeliness, possible, probable, promising, prospective

Antonym: unlikely

Encyclopedia: Likely, California