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Adjective: limber  lim-bu(r)
  1. (used of e.g. personality traits) readily adaptable
    "a limber imagination";
    - supple
  2. (used of artifacts) easily bent
  3. (used of persons' bodies) capable of moving or bending freely
    - supple
Noun: limber  lim-bu(r)
  1. A two-wheeled horse-drawn vehicle used to pull a field gun or caisson
Verb: limber  lim-bu(r)
  1. Attach the limber
    "limber a cannon";
    - limber up
  2. Cause to become limber
    "The violist limbered her wrists before the concert"

Derived forms: limbering, limbers, limbered

See also: flexible, flexile

Type of: attach, horse-drawn vehicle, warm up

Encyclopedia: Limber