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Verb: linger  ling-gu(r)
  1. Remain present although waning or gradually dying
    "Her perfume lingered on"
  2. Be about
    "The high school students like to linger in the Central Square";
    - loiter, lounge, footle, lollygag [N. Amer], loaf, lallygag [N. Amer], hang around, mess about, tarry, lurk, mill about, mill around, mooch [Brit]
  3. Leave slowly and hesitantly
    - tarry
  4. Take one's time; proceed slowly
    - dawdle
  5. Move to and fro
    "The shy student lingered in the corner";
    - hover

Derived forms: lingering, lingered, lingers

See also: linger over

Type of: balk, baulk [Brit], be, go away, go forth, hesitate, leave, move, persist, remain, stay, waffle, waver

Antonym: rush

Encyclopedia: Linger, Luxembourg