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Noun: lobby  ló-bee
  1. A large entrance, reception room, or waiting area
    - anteroom, antechamber, entrance hall, hall, foyer, vestibule
  2. The people who support some common cause, business, principle or sectional interest
  3. An interest group that tries to influence legislators or bureaucrats to act in their favour, typically through lobbying
    - special interest, special-interest group, special interest group, advocacy group, lobby group, pressure group, third house
Verb: lobby  ló-bee
  1. Attempt to influence (a public official or decision-maker) in favour of a specific opinion or cause
    - buttonhole [informal]

Derived forms: lobbying, lobbies, lobbied

Type of: beg, interest, interest group, people, political entity, political unit, room, solicit

Part of: building, edifice

Encyclopedia: Lobby