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Noun: looney  loo-nee
Usage: informal
  1. An insane person
    - lunatic, madman, maniac, crazy [N. Amer, informal], loony [informal], nutcase [informal], headcase [informal]

Derived forms: looneys

See also: basket case [informal], fruitcake [informal], mentalist [Brit, informal], nutbar [N. Amer, informal], nutcake [US, informal], nutjob [informal], nutter [Brit, informal], wackadoodle [N. Amer, informal], wackjob [N. Amer, informal], wacko [informal], whackjob [N. Amer, informal], whacko [informal]

Type of: diseased person, sick person, sufferer

Encyclopedia: Looney, Kevon