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Adjective: loyal (loyaler,loyalest)  loy-ul
  1. Steadfast in allegiance or duty
    "loyal subjects"; "loyal friends stood by him"
  2. Unwavering in devotion to friend, vow or cause
    "loyal supporters";
    - firm, truehearted, fast
  3. Inspired by love for your country
    "British nationalism was in the air and loyal sentiments ran high";
    - patriotic

Derived forms: loyaler, loyalest

See also: allegiant, chauvinistic, doglike, faithful, flag-waving, hardcore, hard-core, jingoistic, leal [UK, archaic], liege, loyalty, nationalistic, superpatriotic, true-blue, trueness, ultranationalistic

Antonym: disloyal

Encyclopedia: Loyal, Wi