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Noun: mainstream  'meyn,streem
  1. The prevailing current of thought
    "his thinking was in the American mainstream"
Adjective: mainstream  'meyn,streem
  1. Unimaginative and conformist
    "mainstream bourgeois lives";
    - conventional
  2. Very popular or familiar to the masses; conventional
    "They often carry stories you won't find in the mainstream media"
Verb: mainstream  'meyn,streem
  1. Put into the mainstream, esp. educate a special-needs student together with other students
    "Findings indicate that mainstreamed students with mild disabilities may participate in academic lessons as well or nearly as well as their peers"

Derived forms: mainstreamed, mainstreams, mainstreaming

See also: button-down, buttoned-down [US], conservative, square, stereotyped, stereotypic, stereotypical, straight, unimaginative, white-bread [N. Amer]

Type of: thought

Encyclopedia: Mainstream