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Adjective: malnourished  ,mal'nur-isht [N. Amer], ,mal'nú-risht [Brit]
  1. Not being provided with adequate nourishment
    "it is estimated that at the present time roughly a million children under 5 years of age are severely or moderately malnourished"
Verb: malnourish  ,mal'nur-ish [N. Amer], ,mal'nú-rish [Brit]
  1. Provide with insufficient quality or quantity of nourishment
    "The stunted growth of these children shows that they are malnourished";
    - undernourish

See also: foodless, ill-fed, starved, starving, underfed, undernourished, unfed, unnourished

Type of: feed, give

Antonym: nourished

Encyclopedia: Malnourished