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Adjective: malted  mol-tid [N. Amer], mól-tid or mol-tid [Brit]
  1. Of grain that has been converted into malt
    "malted barley"
Noun: malted  mol-tid [N. Amer], mól-tid or mol-tid [Brit]
  1. A milkshake made with malt powder
    - malt [N. Amer], malted milk
Verb: malt  molt [N. Amer], mólt or molt [Brit]
  1. Treat with malt or malt extract
    "malt beer"
  2. Turn into malt, become malt
  3. Convert grain into malt
  4. Convert into malt

Sounds like: malts, moults, molted, moulted, mo

Derived forms: malteds

See also: unmalted

Type of: convert, milk shake, milkshake, process, shake, treat

Antonym: unmalted

Encyclopedia: Malted

Malt, Kentucky